Susu Loans


Susu loan scheme is a product designed to give financial assistance to customers to expand their businesses and increase working capital.        

1. Relatively low and competitive interest rate.
2. Flexible mode of repayment (Daily, Weekly and Bi- Weekly)
3. Quick loan processing and disbursement.
4. Varied loan size depending on business capacity to repay.  
5. Rebate (interest reduction) on early repayment. 

Micro Finance


Micro finance (Group Loan) is a convenient, simple and reliable loan product that gives the low income entrepreneurs access to working capital funds and financial support in groups of 5-20 membership. No collateral is required. Group members enjoy doorstep delivery services and group support. Clients are transformed through business advisory services, training, etc.

Scheme Loans


The Controller and Accountant General Department Loan is given to any government worker who takes salary through Controller and Accountant General Department’s office and has an “affordability”. The loan has a maximum tenor of 48 months. Repayment of loan is received from Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) where deductions are made at source. Our clients can top-up and take additional amounts on their loans anytime they so wish to and do not face any penalty for early repayment.

Agricultural Loans


Akim Bosome Rural Bank Agricultural loan is simple and reliable tailor-made value chain lending to agricultural actors (farmers, aggregators, input dealers, processors, etc.). This loan facility is to help actors in this sector gain easy access to loan in support of their agri-businesses. The tailored product is designed to overcome the challenges in the agric sector and also help transform Ghana’s agric sector.


Salary Loans


Empowering salary workers to transform their lives and sector.

Akim Bosome Rural Bank Salary loan is specifically designed for salary workers in public and private institutions to help meet their financial contingencies. It is easy to access and also stress free in terms of repayment. All that needed is having your salary paid through Akim Bosome Rural Bank in any of our branches.


Salary Overdraft/Salary advance


This facility enables salary account holders to withdraw or issue cheques for an amount in excess of what is maintained in their salary account for flexible payment. Akim Bosome Rural Bank will deliver exceptional service to your convenience. Akim Bosome Rural Bank salary advance refers to borrowers taking out small amounts of short term loans, often near end of the month, in order meet expenses. This facility is recovered in installments, at very low interest rates.

Business Overdraft

Akim Bosome Rural Bank allows business owners who have a regular current or corporate account to draw on funds up to a pre-agreed credit limit for business related purposes. No need to make interest payment on a lump-sum loan you might not be using.

Transport Loans

Transport unions we serve you better.

Dreaming of owning a car? Akim Bosome Rural Bank transport loan aims to ensure that you drive around the country in your own vehicle. Apply for Akimbo Transport loan and make your dream of owning a car come true.

Commercial /Individual Loans

We offer a debt-based funding arrangement between the bank and our customers for funding major capital expenditures and/or cover operational costs that the business otherwise be unable to afford.